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This is an encounter where you do not leave two healing priests in the same group.

Every priest has Prayer of Healing, every priest should be pre-hotting members of a group without a group healer 8-5sec before the prevention debuff runs out.

Every priest should be pre-casting prayer of healing, 2 sec before the healing prevention debuff runs out.

If you have a discipline priest in the raid, make sure they know to bubble the tank and the people who are taking the most dmg.
Make sure that the other priests are aware of this and do not prevent the discipline priest from bubbling these targets by placing their own bubble.

Every application of power word: shield places a debuff called weakened soul.

This debuff only provides benefit to discipline priests. It also means that if a discipline priest did not cast the shield, then you have a weaker shield up as there is a talent in the discipline tree that strengthens the shield by 40% of the priests spellpower.

A discipline priests prayer of mending can proc divine aegis, which will absorb damage.

Only holy priests that spend enough talents points deep into the holy tree will be able to pick up Circle of Healing, an instant targeted group heal on a six second cooldown. Used immediately after a Prayer of Healing taht is pre-cast, it is sufficient to keep the priests group up through out 10 or 25 version of this encounter from start to end.

Guardian Spirit, can be used on that warlock who likes to get tap-happy and suicide, a well placed guardian spirit on them will do two things :

  • prevent them from dying to a miscalculated tap and proceding necrotic blast
  • dramatically increase healing to them during the 3 second window, pre casting renew and a flash heal essentially do the job.

Lightwell is a excellent tool in this fight, providing the people using can properly time their use of it while dishing out damage.

In short if you have one or more healing priests (Discipline or Holy), place each of them in a group with the focus to heal that group.


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