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Builds an ascii  output of your trade recipes for pasting on a website/text file/database.


  • Standard Operation
    1. Open your trade book.
    2. Click the export button up the top next to your trade book link.
    3. In the new window that appears, highlight and press control + c (macos: command + c) to copy the text to your system clipboard.
    4. In your bbcode enabled website, paste it into a new post or page.
  • Changing the Output Format
    Not yet implemented, but will be done this way :

    /rex format bbcode
    /rex format markdown
    /rex format html
    /rex format csv
    /rex format plaint-text

Standard output is setup for bbcode formatted hyperlinks pointing to the wowhead url for each recipes spell id.



  • Choice of output format templates Templates provide three elements for formatting, Book Header, Group Header & Item.
  • Copy & Paste Frame Open your tradebook and use the macro. Results of the output will be provided within a editable frame to allow you to highlight and copy to another program.


Recipie Export : Provides formatted text for websites

Recipie Export : Provides formatted text for websites

Configuration & Setup

The config for now is limited to within the lua file



Change Log

  • v0.03 @ Wednesday, April 08 2009
    Colour item produced by a recipe based on its rarity. iLevel provided as part of the name.
  • v0.02 @ Tuesday, April 07 2009
    include trigger button on trade window. made export window code more robust
  • v0.01 @ Tuesday, April 07 2009
    initial upload.

Development Links


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