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Singleton Layout of the oUF framework. Providing profile support via ace3Db and a configuration interface via ace3Console and ace3Gui.

This is an alpha release, to get some feedback on errors and oversights i have missed sofar.
Originally based on oUF_Kosken, with ideas from tekkub, freebgrid & holysmurf.



  • Player,
  • target,
  • focus,
  • targettarget,
  • focustarget,
  • pet,
  • pettarget

Frame Features

  • Threat levels,
  • Raid/Party Leader Icon
  • Raid Marker Icon
  • Master Looter Icon
  • Missing & Present Buff Indicators
  • AFK / Offline Timers

Supported ExtendedSet


[ Info | Config | Screenshots | Downloads| ChangeLog ]

Initially, the configuration interface is not loaded until you invoke it.

To invoke it, right click the LDB icon or type :



  • Include SharedMedia support
  • Compelete Tag editor concept
  • Provide height ratio control for Health and Power bars
  • Deal with the fact that the text for castname and cast time are not subject to the ouf tag system(yet)
  • explore options to reliably sink individual aura properties for countdown timers

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