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Version 1.14 :

Note : If have used my previous versions, then the database needs to be reset. So after installing and logging in you will need to run these two macros :

/run oUFdB = nil
/console reloadui

oUF 1.3.1

The core, with my modifications

  • Range Checking, which is based on :
    • [enemies] Your damage spell with the longest range.
    • [friendly] Your helpful spell with the longest range.
    • [neutral] Interact distance.
  • Aura Countdown Timers :
    I stole time formatting code from omnicc for this.
  • Castbar Safezone :
    Shows an overlay bar for the portion of your casttime affected by latency wherein you can (cancel the/start the next) cast but still have the cast complete.

oUF_Smeegrid & oUF_Smee


  • Raid & Party Frames, grid style with Threat levels, Aggro notifier, Buff Indicators & Debuff Border Highlighting.
  • Player, target, focus, targettarget, focustarget, pet, pettarget
  • All frames will appropriately display raid/party leader and raid icons is applicable.
  • Raid frames name plate changes when not max health to display missing health.
  • Names changes to : dead, ghost, d/c when applicable.


  • Threat Levels between :
    • [0 – 110] : under tanks threat
    • [110 – 130] : range of threat where you will start tanking if nothing is done to stop your threat/increase tanks threat.
    • [130 – 255] : solid tanking range. Moment one person enters this range all other peoples threat levels that are not growing at same rate shrink in a relative maner back down to below 110-130.
  • Units in your party/raid being targeted by enemies will have a larger than normal red dot in top right corner. Not directly threat related.
  • Inidicators for buffs : So far the buffs i need to see as a priest & druid are here. ( Talk to me about the buffs you need to see on friendly & enemy targets )
  • Debuff Highlighting : Colours the border depending on the debuff type present.
    • Blue : Magic
    • Purple : Curse
    • Brown : Disease
    • Green : Poison

Supporting Modules

  • oUF_AuraCancel : right click to cancel buffs
  • oUF_Banzai : engine for the aggro notification dot on unitframes
  • oUF_CombatFeedback : shows realtime combat text
  • oUF_DebuffHighlight : highlights the frames depending on debuff type(magic/disease/curse/posion)
  • oUF_HealComm : libHealComm-3.0 support.
  • oUF_PowerSpark : mana spark, visualises the five second rule


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