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It’s been a week now…

A week since I logged into Azeroth, heh … even so, during the last 2 months of play-time I had more fun designing a user-interface with mods like pitbull and oUF, oPanel and Dash.

And it was this that exposed one of the frustrating things about World of Warcraft for me personally, something I guess that plagues me across all digital playgrounds. The lack of preparation many players demonstrate.

I guess I wanted a team of people who could dance a choreographic whirlwind of precision, a team whom did not require coaching in fight tactics, a team that knew every tiny detail about their class that it did not require discussion. Perhaps these are things found only in real life military units, ninja clans, or double team assasins.

I was seeking the thrill of precision in the wrong places.

But all that has come to an end now and like a nameless figure I melted into the night…leaving my legacy to those who would find more enjoyment from the foundations I created.

The game is fun, lots of fun. Don’t mistake me on this point, although I can’t blame your doing so from my previous words. I just feel that I have no more to do in that world.

From now I will be seeking more productive entertainment.


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