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Lightweight version of oUF_Smee.


Toggle framelock for positioning with mouse.



Ok, I have a big problem with healbot and you may dismiss my claims because you think i haven’t used it but…it was my main addon for a long time…(lazyness preculded me from setting up grid & clique.)

prone to crashing
crashed on me alot. caused wipes because i dont have my healing spells tied to my bars

mod-clicks only work on it’s frames
you can’t use the mod-click combos you defined on anything else other than it’s own frames. so this means that if your mouse is closer to your focus frame or target frame you can use the key-mouse combo on that frame. you will need to move the mouse all the way over to the healbot frame before you can use the incredibly useful mod-click concept.

its cumbersome to setup when you change healing specs
You need to type in the spell name to specify which spell to fire for a particular mod-click combo, this extends the time it takes to setup new spells when switching from holy to disc.

Doesnt communicate Healing Data to other raidframes.
Prior to this point it didnt communicate its healing data to people using pitbull or grid( or any addon that used libHealComm-3.0). The authors stated they didnt care about this. It was as if they were deliberatly trying to create a rift between healers who didnt choose their addon.
This attitude is still there, which is proly why they don’t update the embeded libHealComm-3.0 to the latest wotlk version.

Limited Mod-Combos
You can only use one modifier key in your combos. I can’t for example create a mod-combo like :

“control – alt – left click”.

This is important on a priest since they have the highest amount of healing spells.
I was frustrated about this because i only have a three button mouse and dont like using 5 button mice due to the extra buttons being where i grip the mouse (causing misclicks)

Doesnt deal with pets properly
When I first started using healBot it was in heroic Mechnar.
It was fine until i came to 2nd boss where i had to heal the warlocks enslaved mob…failed because healbot didnt create a frame for the enslaved mob.

Limited Aura Display Options
the way it displays auras creates screenclutter, furthermore you can’t set it up to display missing buffs that don’t apply to your class. this is important when you are a raid leader.

When i started healing in karazhan, I got rid of healbot and started playing with grid & clique.
Together they are much more versatile and they save screen space.


Helps me save screen space by doing several things, consolidating the information i need onto each unitframe of my party and raid in a way that doesnt require me to deciphre glyphs.

allows me to ;

  1. use those modifiers on my normal frames
    • player,
    • target,
    • targettarget,
    • focus,
    • focustarget,
    • pet,
    • pettarget
  2. create multi modifier key combos like :

“control – alt – left click”.
“shift – ctrl – middle click”.

The Problem of Tunnel Vision

People think in images not words, ie when i say the word elephant, i’m not thinking of an image of the word elephant…i am in fact thinking of a picture of an actual elelphant.

Some problems with displaying buffs as a row of icons next to the frame :

  1. the row of icons is in your periphal tunnel vision , thus not easliy noticed.
  2. although its in your peripheral vision you can still notice that this row of icons changes length when a buff drops off or is applied. but thats it, to gain any real detailed info about it you need to move your visual focus to this row if icons and then sift through each icon verifying its one that applies to you. time wasted here.
  3. the time left on the buff and the stack are an extra element to the icon you need to assess, more time wasted here

The solution to rows of icons :

  1. Consider that each unitframe is an image that changes it’s appearance over time.
  2. that each aspect of the unitframe describes the status of the unit.
    1. bottom = threat level
    2. bottomright = hots
    3. bottomleft = damage mitigation & increased healing
    4. topright = missing class buffs
    5. topleft = aggro/enemy focus
    6. top = raid icon
    7. name text = name, incoming heals, [dead/ghost/afk/offline]
    8. frame border colour = debuff type
  3. Since you will be focusing on the unitframes of each person in your raid/party its important that you’re not required to shift your focus too much. focusing between the game world and the frames is enough as it is for a healer.
  4. As you focus on the frames you will notice that  :
    1. the names change when a healer is casting a heal on that person
    2. dots in the bottomright as a hot is applied to that person, maybe you set it up to change colour when the hot is stackable
    3. that your tanks will have some solid threat colours & numbers. Anyone who is rapidly rising throug the threat table of a mob will also start changing the colour of the threat label on their frame. making it more and more obvious that this person will need some love soon.
    4. units that aquire aggro that isnt related to threat will have a red dot in the top left corner…excellent targets for shielding provding your quick enough. (not aproblem if you have clique set up to cast shield on ctrl+middle click)
    5. targets with healing bonus modifiers will have indicators in the bottomleft

Overall as the fight progresses, each untiframe changes its appearance presenting itself as an image.

Current Situation

But now that I am raiding in wotlk, i have since moved away from grid and have created my own raid layout (which looks and operates just like grid) based on oUF…its much better in terms of cpu & memory resource usage

best part is that clique works with that too!

sudo blkid | grep 'UUID'

sudo blkid | grep 'LABEL'

To suspend-to-RAM (aka sleep):
pmi action suspend

To suspend-to-disk (aka hibernate):
pmi action hibernate

If you want to lock the Gnome session first (ie. require a password on resumption), then issue the following command before pmi:

gnome-screensaver-command --lock

For example, you can use these commands to create a button (launcher) on a Gnome panel (taskbar) that instantly locks the screen and goes into sleep mode:

  1. Right-click the gnome-panel(taskbar),
  2. Select Add to panel,
  3. Custom application launcher,
  4. Fill in the fields with the following :

    Name: Sleep ,

    Command: gnome-screensaver-command --lock ; pmi action suspend

Shamelessy copied from :

Sometimes, you need to connect from Windows to a Unix or Linux system just to run a specific software. For example, if you want to run some Linux open source program under windows and you have a Linux machine in your network or accessible from the Internet, there is an easy way to do it: Xming.

Xming is a open source X server that runs under windows, easy to install and use. Just go to the homepage:

The installation is pretty forward. Once installed, the easiest way to use is to run it straight away. You have an X icon on your windows desktop, run it.

Then you need a remote terminal connection software, the best open source is Putty.
It is an executable, just download it and lunch it. Depending from the remote terminal service that is running on your server, configure Putty to use it. I suggest OpenSSH. You have also to configure the X11 Forwarding setting in Putty to forward the X session to your windows machine IP address. Done.

Step One : Get the programs

Note, both of these applications are “portable” and can be copied to a thumbdrive and run on any machine you may have access to.

Step Two : Get xMing Running

  1. Launch Xming and select the style you wish to display the X server output.
    Hint: Select Multiple Windows and your X applications will look like they were launched from Windows.
  2. Leave Display number set to 0
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select Start No Client and click Next.
  5. On Server Options, check the box title Disable Server Control.
    Leaving the box unchecked can give you an “unspecified protocol error” later down the road.
  6. Click Next and save your configuration.
    This will create a quick way to launch Xming later.

Step Three : Use Putty to create the xForwarding Tunnel

  1. Once you see the X in the systray you can launch Putty.
  2. Enter the address of the machine you are trying to connect to.
    Be sure to select SSH as the protocol.
  3. Now connect. With luck you will be asked to log in. Enter your credentials.
  4. Now to actually forward the ports. There is an option in Putty for this but it never seems to work for me.. so I type:
    export DISPLAY

    Subsitute the IP address of the windows machine you are running Putty on. DISPLAY must be typed in uppercase!

If everything is going correctly your Ubuntu box will say nothing back when you enter these commands.

Step Four : Test out some operations

Now, the tests.

  • make a clock appear(using servers date/time)
    xclock &
  • to run firefox :
    mozilla-firefox &

Be sure to use the amperstand after each command so that you can launch multiple apps. Otherwise, the terminal “hold” the commands until the application is closed.

When you’re done, type exit in Putty and it all goes away!

Neat thing is that the clipboard works and you can copy and paste from system to another.

Note : xForwarded Sessions

You won’t be able to see your desktop, so you’ll have to know the names of the apps you want to run. To see the desktop requires XDMCP, which is easy to set up but is NOT secure.

With ubuntu hardy, the systems hibernate/suspend behaviour is dictated by this file :


So to restart my sound system when coming out of hibernation, instert a call to a script that does so at the end of the hibernation definition file.


The definiton file for openbox is an xml file, therefore you can use any text editor to create/edit this file


External Links

Using Ubuntu Hardy, I would like to get my mobile phone connected and:

  • access it’s data storage
  • utilise the gprs modem to connect to the internet
  • utilies the dial up modem to connect to other peoples modems
$lsusb | grep Cellphone
Bus 007 Device 002: ID 1004:1fae LG Electronics, Inc. U8120 3G Cellphone


Experimenting with inkscapes layer system, nothing special here really

It’s been a week now…

A week since I logged into Azeroth, heh … even so, during the last 2 months of play-time I had more fun designing a user-interface with mods like pitbull and oUF, oPanel and Dash.

And it was this that exposed one of the frustrating things about World of Warcraft for me personally, something I guess that plagues me across all digital playgrounds. The lack of preparation many players demonstrate.

I guess I wanted a team of people who could dance a choreographic whirlwind of precision, a team whom did not require coaching in fight tactics, a team that knew every tiny detail about their class that it did not require discussion. Perhaps these are things found only in real life military units, ninja clans, or double team assasins.

I was seeking the thrill of precision in the wrong places.

But all that has come to an end now and like a nameless figure I melted into the night…leaving my legacy to those who would find more enjoyment from the foundations I created.

The game is fun, lots of fun. Don’t mistake me on this point, although I can’t blame your doing so from my previous words. I just feel that I have no more to do in that world.

From now I will be seeking more productive entertainment.